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Chef's Specialties

Baba Ganouj

It doesn't get more delicious than grilled Levantine dish of eggplant, mashed and mixed with virgin olive oil and season. completed with the Chefs secret ingredient. This dish won't disappoint.


Mendi or Haneth lamb

​Slow Cooked lamb on the bone seasoned with (Mendi- saffron and other Mediterranean spice Haneth- Ginger Garlic Cumin and other secret Middle Eastern Spices )that is then grilled and served with saffron basmati rice and a side of salad to complete its absolute perfection.


"Fattah" Soaked Saj bread with lamb stew and on the bone Lamb chunks. If there’s a better way to enjoy hot, baked flatbread than to pair it with thick, rich lamb stew, topped with a special yoghurt sauce, we haven’t found it! 

 The food is authentic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine, and it's delicious! If you enjoy rich, flavorful food and fresh ingredients, give it a try. The food is prepared using ingredients imported from the Middle East, so as you can imagine, the taste is much more authentic than the American spin on Mediterranean food. If you enjoy dining in a restaurant where you can have a personal conversation with both the owner and cook about your food, then this restaurant is for you! The atmosphere has a quaint and simple elegance to and offers a unique dining experience to local area. Go out on a limb and try something new!

  -Annelise Jensen


 The food feels like it is prepared lovingly, with a delicate balance of seasoning. The wait staff caringly helps you through your meal. The ambiance is simple and comfortable. What a great addition to the restaurants in Eugene. Try it. If you like Mediterranean food, you will be as excited as I am.

- Bev Behrman


Very great experience at this new restaurant in Eugene, open now for only 2 months. Best Chai I have ever had and I have had a lot of chai since I discovered it 25 years ago! I had a light lunch, dolmas and humus. Both were delicious and fresh. Beautiful decor warm wait staff. I will be back with my family. 

 -Terry Collins

Our Story

We’re passionate about the cuisine of the Middle East and Mediterranean.
In our considered opinion, it’s some of the best in the world! Most Americans know Shawarma (Gyros) and falafel, but there’s so much more to Middle Eastern cookery. The rich traditions of the region go back hundreds and even thousands of years. We’ve made it our mission to bring those authentic flavors to you. So grab a fork or spoon, or simply use your hands: a world of culinary pleasure awaits! 

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