Mediterranean Network Restaurant

Our rich Turkish coffee is made with the finest roasted and ground coffee beans, boiled to perfection with sugar and  distilled water and served piping hot.

Save room for coffee and dessert

​Since I've lived here, I've been a bit bored with the one-note Greek-style Mediterranean restaurants.  Mediterranean Network has an Arabic menu, full of lamb, yogurt, lentils, rice, and spices. The fattah lamb is divine, rich and satisfying, the perfect meal for a fall day.  The mejadra was really good too, a simple yet elegantly spiced dish.  I'm not too familiar with the regional variations, but this seemed like Egyptian kushari, served with macaronis and a spicy tomato sauce.   I can't wait to eat my way through the menu!​


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Explore the sweet side of Middle Eastern food with our collection of freshly prepared pastries, sweets, and desserts. A perfect ending to any meal.